Thursday, June 12, 2014

Influenster #MKGlam Vox Box 2014

If you haven`t heard of influenster yet it is a site where you do product reviews and surveys they use a polling system the more points you earn the better chance you have at getting free products to test.
So I started influenster about 3 months now and I finally received my first free voxbox and boy oh boy was it a good one! I do have to mention that I did get these product for free compliments of influenster for product testing purposes. So with all the technical issues out of the way let`s get into the good stuff!

I was sent 9 products from Mary Kay to try and test. I thought the box the products came in was very well packaged and pretty, there was one issue I have all though everything is recyclable I thought the box was too big for the products inside on top of that there were a few hundred packaging noodles which I thought was a bit obsessive. If they had used a smaller box they wouldn`t have needed so many.
When I first opened the box I seen a product listing card, a survey card and a Mary Kay catalog. Underneath was light pink tissue paper and the products. The individual packages were quite pretty to look at all of the boxes were done in a light pink and black fashion in a pretty filigree.

The first product I was sent was a full size Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder. This is a all over `see threw` powder to help reduce shine throughout your face. I absolutely love this powder! It is light weight and almost soft like a feather. I do feel this product actually works it did in fact help to reduce the look of shine throughout the day. I put the powder on at about 11 am and was still very fresh looking at 10 pm. I will definitely be buying this product.
The second full size product I was sent and may I add my favorite is the Mary Kay Gel eyeliner in Jet Black this also cane with a small eyeliner brush for application. I have been wanting to try gel eyeliner for a while now and just have not gotten around to it. I was so excited to see this product in the box I was grinning from ear to ear! This product is AMAZING! It stays put all day long! I wore this product for 11 hours and it did not budge a smidge. I am very pleased with this product. I have extremely sensitive eyes most products bother my eyes to the point were they are draining all day and can be annoying. This was not the fact with the Gel eyeliner. Surprisingly this did not bother my eyes at all and it felt smooth and again lightweight. The color was bold and stayed fresh all day long. This is another product I will be buying.
I have also received a full size Mary Kay Mineral Cheek blush in Shy Blush. I am not a blush girl. I tend to stay away as most will make me look like a clown no matter how little I put on. This was not the case with this blush, the color was so dainty and soft with a halo graphic type look to it. The color is very pretty and I did in fact use this product despite my past problems with blush. The color went on extremely smooth and soft blended right in I loved how it gave my cheeks just the right amount of color. I also wore this for 11 hours and it stayed put! I will be buying this product again I was very pleased with this blush.
Another product I was sent was a full size Mary Lash Love Mascara in I <3 black. I must say this is my new favorite go to mascara! The bristles are actually visible even after it have been in the mascara! It is in no way clumpy at all, which I was really pleased with! The mascara goes on very well with little to no issues and with the small bristles I am able to get the smallest lashes even in the smallest corner of my eyes. It did brighten my lashes, extend them and give them extreme volume! I put this on about 11 am yesterday and it is 5:30 am the following day and yes it looks as if I just put it on 5 minutes ago! Absolutely in love and YES will I buy this product and do highly recommend it!
Oh a good one! I was sent a full size Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in light-medium. I am a bronzing powder fanatic! I use it every day even when I do not do my full face ritual! I have about 7 or 8 different brands I go back and forth from always trying to decide which one I like the most. With the Mary Kay bronzing powder you can see the specs of glitter when putting it on. When applying the product it is again lightweight and did last from about 11 am to 11 pm if not a bit longer. I am really pleased with this bronzer and am about 90% sure I will in fact use only this product for now on! I love the color and how it blends in smoothly and gives you just the right glow. I am in love with this product!
4 more products to go and next on the list is the full size Mary Kay Crème Eye Color in Apricot Twist. Now when I first opened the eye shadow I was a bit ugh disappointed I suppose. I was afraid it would be to light as I do like dramatic bold eyes with lots of color. Although the color is absolutely beautiful with halo graphic sparkles mixed in the color is a very pretty orngish brown. I was afraid I would be disappointed. This was not the fact at all the complete opposite. The color was beautiful when applied! It was not as `bright` as I like my shadows but it was perfect just the same. Most of the time I do not like crème shadows as the clump and go everywhere, they never tend to stay put unless you completely dry them before going to the next step. This was not the case with the apricot twist no no no it applied with such ease not moving or smudging stayed put did not mix with the rest of my eye shadows or run in with my eye line it was just perfect! The color it turn out to be quite amazing and stayed that way for hours and hours. I will use this color more often and do plan on buying more shades of the Mary Kay Crème Eye colors.
Next down the line is a full size of Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. Now may I start off by saying this is not my color It is in the tube a bright orange color but when applied it is a soft glossy sparkly redish orange. Now with that said I do like the product itself it has a nice gloss, shine and feeling to it. Even though it is not my color I do plan on ordering the product in a different shade. It did last about 3 hours with out reapplying and that is with drinking, talking, smoking and eating. ( I wore it to a party and it I did not have to reapply with in the 3 hours I was there. It did how ever loose a bit of the color along the way but did hold very very well for a gloss.

The last two products I was sent was two full size Mary Kay applying brushes. The first one was a powder brush. Oh my am I in love. I have gone through so many different brushes its sick. Most of them loose bristles or leave extra powder all over the place well this is not the case with the Mary Kay powder brush. I was extremely pleased. No excess powder left on the face and or on the product. I did use this brush for the blush I was sent along with the translucent powder and it did not mix the two no extra powder was left in the brush at all. I will be buying more Mary Kay brushes. I do not think I could have enough. LOL The second brush was a Crème eye color/concealer brush. I have looked high and low spent hundreds of dollars looking for the right eye shadow brush and I tell ya what I found it! This little gadget is amazing! I used it to apply the Mary Kay Creme eye color in apricot twist and it worked like a charm! even though I used it for the crème eye shadow the color did not stick in the bristles. there was no bristle loss when I applied the eye shadow. The brush it quite stiff yet very moveable and cleaned quite well. Over all I was very pleased and will in fact be buying a few others to have on hand.
I have to say I am extremely pleased with the products I was sent. I have always been a bit leary with Mary Kay products. I was afraid it would be like using avon product with a higher price but lower quality but not the case here. As you can probably tell I have not used Mary Kay products before I was sent this box. Trying these products have changed my view I will be buying more products from Mary Kay. I was very pleased with the entire box.
Below I have listed all of the product I was sent from Influenster and the prices. All the products can be found at or can be purchased through your nearest Mary Kay representative.

Mary Kay Translucent powder~ $16.00
Mary Kay Crème Eye Color ~Apricot Twist~ $14.00
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara ~I <3 Black~ $15.00
Mary Kay Powder Brush~ $16.00
Mary Kay Crème eye color/concealer brush~ $10.00
Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss~ Mango Tango~ $14.00
Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color~ Shy Blush~ $12.00
Mary Kay Bronzing Powder~ Light-Medium~ $18.00
Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable brush Applicator~ Jet Black~ $18.00
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