Saturday, August 23, 2014

NiNi's Guide to Raising Teens - The Intro

Let me start by telling you that I am a 30 year old mother of two boys ages twelve and thirteen. I have been finding myself in frustrating situations lately when I comes to raising my teen and preteen.

I started thinking.... I can not be the only one going through this.  I felt it would be nice to share my frustrations, mistakes, victories, advice, and what not to do's. I want to start off by giving you a bit of a back ground on each of us.

Let me start with myself. I got pregnant with Hayden (my oldest) when I was sixteen and had him at seventeen then found out I was pregnant with Sklyer (my youngest) five months later. So I was eighteen with two little ones. In 2005 my significant other and father of my boys' passed away in a boating accident. I had been raising both boys on my own until my husband came in the picture back in 2009.

My husband Miguel was born in Puerto Rico but raised I NYC. He works as an armed Security Guard working over nights. He is the disciplinarian, as I am the passive one when it comes to the boys.

Hayden just tuned thirteen back in April and the second it turned midnight he turned into this raving  monster that never wants to communicate unless he is screaming at you or saying how much he doesn't care.

Skyler is my lover unless he isn't getting his own way that is when he unleashes his inner madness! He is notorious for talking under his breath while he walks away.

We have recently opened a new chapter in our journey of life and moved from NY to Alabama. It has been quite a challenge but a satisfying one.

I do hope you will stay tuned to hear my trials and errors of raising teens.