Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August Pet box review!

   Let me first start by saying how impressed I am by the company and this box of goodies! The Social Media Manager I speak with (Dusty Goen) is always courteous and extremely helpful. The boxes are always jam packed with goodies and healthy treats for your fur babies! They really take the time to seek out that perfect item for each and every box!

    When I started to open the box to see all of the wonderful goodies our newest  member of the family  Maria was all over the box! She could smell the yumminess from with in!

  The First item she found was the BarkWorthies Long Curly Bully Stick. That she absolutely loved! She must have known it was in there. At least I know he sniffer works LOL. She refused to let me see it. She stole it right out of the box and started to chew away! Every time I tried to grab it she would pick it up and run dragging it behind her. It was so cute because the bone was so much bigger than she is. Needless to say she ate the entire bone in one day!

  The next item we found was this adorable Pawtastic fleece braided toy. Maria loves to play Tug-A-War with it. Her and our other dog Honey will play with this thing together for hours on end. Every time I try to get pictures of them playing with it together they drop it. Like they know exactly what I am doing and want no part in it. Dogs are just to smart for their own good. Even though they fight vigorously over this adorable toy it has not torn , ripped or broke in any way. It is strong and durable. It is still in the same shape and condition as when we first received it, even though they play with it multiple times a day. This is a must have for any active dog who loves to play.

The next item in the box was my favorite! It was a  TropiClean Fresh Breath Water additive. You pour one capful into your pet's water bowl every time you give them fresh water. It helps to prevent puppy breath or bad breath in cats and dogs. It also addresses plaque and tartar build up. It is to last 12 hours and freshens breath with natural green tea. This additive works wonderfully!  Maria is a 4 month old puppy and has horrible puppy breath! I just slip a cap full of this into her water bowl and it helps tremendously! It has a slight minty smell to it. This how ever does not stop her from drinking her water she actually seems to like it. Drinks it up with no problems! Along with this water additive was a fresh breath bone and a coupon for $2.00 off my next purchase. The best thing about the bone is it is Wheat free, Gluten free and most of all Corn free. The bone was just the right size for Maria and boy did she love chewing on it! It helps to clean plaque and tarter build up off your pups teeth and it helped Maria with her doggy teething.


Next up was the It's Purely Natural Chicken Jerky treats made by Loving Pets.   Honey and Maria absolutely adore these treats. They smell amazing almost human edible LOL. I love the fact that they are gluten free, glycerin free, soy free and wheat free. They are also 100% natural and contain 6 ingredients (Brown rice flour, Honey, Garlic, Sea salt, and preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary). I have not come across any other dog treat with only 6 ingredients. They have absolutely no fillers, additives or by-products. Which is extremely healthy for your fur baby! Both of my pups love them. They know when I grab the bag they are in for a treat and I know I am feeding my pet a healthy snack!  As you can see Maria did not want to wait for the photo to be over in order to get her treat!

The next item we found was the Alcott Essential Adventure Bowl. I thought this was the neatest thing and would definitely come in handy! We love to go on hikes and mini adventures into our state parks and love taking the dogs but providing them with a substantial way to drink or eat can become frustrating at times. With the Alcott adventure bowl this is no longer and issue! It fold to fit in any bag or purse. When opened fully it can hold 6 cups of dog food or 50oz of water.  The inner lining is leak proof for up to 24 hours! You can "snap" many bowl together for easy feeding and watering. Instead of waiting until they are finished eating to be able to give them water. I find this little contraption to be very handy and easy to use. The pups do not mind eating or drinking out of it and I have put the 24 hour leak proof warning up to a challenge and it held for over 24 hours I ended up tossing the water as about the 32 hour mark with absolutely no leaks! Definitely a great product to have on hand!


Last but certainly not least is the BePawsitive Pizza Party Oven Baked Dog Biscuits! I have to say that these seriously smell just like a peperoni pizza! The dogs love them and gobble them up in seconds! I love them because they are USDA certified organic and made in the USA.  Every ingredient used to make these dog treats is organic which is safer and healthier for your fur friend. They also have a Monthly Treat Box  and every time you buy a monthly subscription they donate a treat box to a animal shelter in need. So buy feeding your pup delicious healthy snacks you are also helping dogs in animal rescue shelters.


Needless to say the August Media Pet Box was packaged nicely and was not damaged in any way during the shipment. I am very pleased with this box and feel it is well worth the monthly price and then some! The company does a fine job picking and choosing the right products for your fur baby. They have a snack box ($9.95) , a Deluxe box ($19.95) and a Premium box ($39.95) you can find them here.  Free shipping is always included. They always have offers for new members with discount codes and or a free box!

Once you decide to get a Pet Box and after choosing your plan you will answer a few questions so that they can customize your box to your pet. They do have a cat box as well as the dog box. They do ask if your pet is a male or female. You also have the choice to choose your items or be surprised. I do recommend this monthly subscription to all pet owners! It is a great way to try and experience new products you wouldn't normally buy with out trying first.
Be sure to check out the Pet Box Website for more information and do not forget to "like" them on their Facebook Fan Page.