Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Are you Feeling Smitten?

If you are not "Feeling Smitten" by now you most definitely should be!

Recently I was sent a box of six items from a company called Feeling Smitten. You all know by know I am completely into both and body items. I personally had never tried a body scrub before so I was curious about the benefits of doing so.

I was sent three body scrubs and three bath bomb. Upon arrival I ripped open the box like a six year old on Christmas morning and started to dive into the products I was sent! I have to say I am extremely impressed by the packaging and all around daintiness of each product. They are almost to beautiful to use. Yes I said ALMOST!

The first scrub I was sent was the Mia Tia Shower Gelato Sugar Scrub, this stuff smells awesome and reminds me of a cool summery day on a beach with a fruity drink in hand.

The second scrub was the Honey Pear Coconut Layered Cupcake Sugar Scrub. My Oh My this is amazing! The aromas from all three scents come together in perfect harmony and give you a calming feeling. The smells bring me to a fall evening curling up on my couch with a good book with the windows open letting in a cool soft breeze.

The last scrub I was sent is by far my favorite scrub yet! Limited Edition Pink Sherbet Gelato Sugar Scrub, in which I can not find on either of their sites. This is by far the best one I have smelled! It is a ice cream dream! It has aromas from raspberries and oranges just a classic American treat for your body!

Each body scrub is creamy yet thick and hearty. They have a slight foam to them when in use. It is a more harsher scrub which is not a bad thing at all especially when it is used for the rougher parts of your body like your knees, elbows and legs. I also like a strong scrub opposed to a gentle one so I have used this on my face and neck. My skin is always left with a baby's bottom feeling. So silky smooth and soft!

On to the Bath bombs! I was also sent three each. These are the cutest cupcake bombs I have ever seen in my life!! Like I said earlier they are almost to cute to "destroy".

The first one of the bunch is the Mimosa Cupcake Bath Bomb! Let me just say this is made with two of my favorite colors and smells so delicious!Just like a glass full of mimosa!

The second Cupcake Bomb I was sent is Pink Bliss Cupcake Bath Bomb. My Oh My they are killing me with the cute pink items! I swear if I did not know it belonged in a tub I would try to eat it!

And the cutest of the bath bombs I was sent is the Mini Berry Cupcake Bath Bomb.
I can not fathom how they get these cupcake bombs to look so friggin' adorable!

I think the neatest thing about these bath bombs are the fact that when you place them in the tub and the top and disappeared you are able to use the bottom as a body scrub! How awesome is that? Two uses for one product.

Each product in their shop is completely 100% homemade! That is a lot of work for such a company if you ask me. The artist behind each product has some serious talent! Prices on their Etsy page start at just $3.00 and Prices on their website start at $4.00! There are so many products to choose from! From Bath Popsto Salt Shakes to Pedicakes there is definitely something for every one!

So what in the world are you waiting for? Go get you some Shower Truffles or one of their DIY kits and make them at home!

 Disclosure: I (Jennifer) was sent the above items for review purposes with that said all opinions above are of my own.