Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DIY Coffee Scrub

Now a days every where you look you see body scrubs of one kind or another. My personal favorite is coffee scrub. As most of you know I am a huge fan of coffee by itself and the aroma leaves me feeling awake and refreshed.

Although I am no professional there are many studies on the benefits of coffee when it comes to skin care. Two of which are stretch marks and cellulite. Coffee is also a natural antioxidant and anti-inflamitory. 

I use many different store bought scrubs but thought I would try mixing up my own batch. I have been doing this for a few months and find it fun useful. If you are like me and want to save a few dollars by making scrubs yourself this is one to start with. The ingredients could not be any simpler.

You will need the following:

Once you have your ingredients in place put them in a bowl (If you want to save for later I suggest using a air tight container). Mix all three items until your mixture is a thick paste.

To apply your Coffee scrub grab a bit with your fingers and gently massage the scrub on your targeted area moving in a circular motion. I normally leave the scrub on my skin for about 20 minutes minutes before rinsing.
After I rinse and get out of the shower I like to help seal in extra moisture by using a thick lotion, Jergens ultra healing lotion being my favorite!

So there you have it a simple and easy way to make a coffee scrub at home! Do you make your own scrubs at home? Have you tried this recipe before? If so share your thoughts below I always love hearing from my readers.