Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get your FREE standard vape kit from O2Pur

As a vapor I am always looking for new brands to try, so while on Facebook the other day I stumbled upon a page called O2Pur. I decided to take a look at what they had to offer.

I was in for a big surprise. When I clicked on their link it brought me to the general store page where I could see all the products they have to offer. Now keep in mind from my stand point they are still a pretty small company and do not offer as many products as most online vape stores but with that said with fewer products comes quality products.

I noticed they had a lot of buy so many get this free sales going on. I decided to go for the buy 5 (10ml) bottles of juice get a free standard vape kit. Their standard vape kit consists of a vape pen, charger and tank. What most of us use when first starting out. I personally do not use a vape pen any more but I do like to have one or two as a back up. I personally went to the site in search of E-juice or E-liquid so to get a vape pen as a bonus I was all for it.

Much to my surprise while I was searching the site I seen a "secret" code for an EXTRA 70% off! Who is going to pass up 70% off their order?!? Definitely not me!

So needless to say  I chose my nicotine level and juice flavoring and I put my E-juice in my cart, 

The total was $19.99 now mind you I was ordering 5 (10ML) bottles and getting a free vape pen. 

Next I proceeded to checkout and put in the code O2PUR70

Yep you see that correctly! The code took an extra $13.95 off my order! After a $4.99 shipping charge my order came up to just over $10! How can any one pass up a sale like this one!

So I decided to look a bit further, I noticed another sale of buy one standard kit get one free! So I wanted to see how much it would be after the 70% off

With a $4.99 shipping charge you are looking at $13.99 for TWO (2) standard vape pen kits! If you have ever thought about quitting traditional cigarettes now is your chance!
Head on over to the O2Pur store and check out the amazing deals! Then head on over to their Facebook page as they constantly are hosting giveaways and give out $20 birthday gift cards to their online store just about every day! So what are you still sitting there for?!? Head on over to O2Pur & buy yourself a vaping kit or 2!

Disclosure: I have not received anything from the above mentioned company. I was not contacted by the above mentioned company in any way up until this point. I decided to write and share my opinions and the "deal" in the above post on my own and was not influenced in any way, shape not form.