Thursday, June 12, 2014

Buying Hair extensions? Read this first!

                                                        Getting started

 Looking for the right type of hair extension can be frustrating. Hopefully after reading this you will be more informed. Below I will explain a bit about each type of hair extension and the pros and cons  of each type.

Micro Looped Hair extensions
    I find the best type of hair extensiosn are the micro looped ones. They are easy to apply even if you are doing them yourself.
     These hair extensions are simple they already have the loop and micro bead connected, you only have to string your hair threw the loop and clamp with a pair of hair pliers.

    When buying the micro loop hair extensions make sure you look for Remy hair, and the weight of the hair. If under 0.5 Grams keep looking. You will need at least 200 strands to do a average head. If your hair is thicker I suggest using 250s to 300s for your entire head. They come in 16 inches all the way to 26 inches.

                When applying micro loop extensions you should place them about an inch to a inch and a half above your ear all the way down to about a half inch from the base of your neck. Stay about a half inch away from your outer hair line. This way when your hair is up in a pony tail they are not seen. Micro loops can be reused after taken out of your hair or if they have fallen out.

Micro loop extensions are easy to maintain simply wash your hair as you would with out them. About 2-3 times a week after your first week. Micro loop extensions can last for months if taken care of properly. Make sure you use argon oil on the ends so they do not dry out. Micro loops can be straightened and curled like your normal hair.
Clip in Hair Extensions
Clip in extensions are the easiest to maintain. They do not need to be washed regularly unless you use hair products in them. You don't need to do much with them just clip them in and go.      
 Clip ins can be very heavy. You do not need to be very picky when buying them as most of them are the same as the next.      
They come in various colors and are in 16 inches to 26 inches. They also come in single clips if you want to put a splash of color in your hair. Clips ins can be straightened and curled.
Tape in Hair Extensions
   Tape in extensions can be a bit tricky and need heat to be adhered to your hair, which can cause damage.
They come in many colors along with 16 inches to 26 inches in length.

  Tape ins are easy to apply but again can cause damage to your natural hair. the come in 2 inch strips you peel the protective covering off to reveal the sticky side, separate your hair into a thin section apply and use a straightener to clamp and adhere the tape to your hair.

  Maintenance is pretty easy simply wash your hair like normal but try to stray away from washing to close to the tape as it can and will come undone. Tape ins can not be reused, once they are used and come out you will need to throw them out and buy new ones. You will need about 100-150 sections for a full head. Tape ins can be straightened and curled.
U tip Micro extensions
U tip extension are like micro loops but need more work to apply them. With U tips you will need a threader and micro beads to apply them to your hair. 

  You will slide the micro bead onto the U tip extension then use the threader to slide your hair threw then use the hair pliers to clap the micro bead and extension to your hair. You should place then a inch to a inch and a half above your ear and stay a half inch from your outer hair line. U tip extensions can be reused.

   U tips also come in 16 inches to 26 inches and come in many colors. They are also easy to maintain. Wash like normal hair and make sure you use argon oil to keep the hair moisturized. You will need 150s-200s for a average head 200s-300s for thicker hair.