Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enhancing Green Eyes

A little fun fact Hazel and or green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world. Yep you have a very rare and spectacular eye color! I personally love hazel eyes, they are fun to work with and there are endless possibilities to making your eyes scream with color!  

          There are 9 main colors to help with enhancing your one of a kind green eyes but remember you can use many shades of each main color to create the perfect look. Try sticking to pinks, browns, blacks, plums, mauve, purples, dark grays, charcoals and dark greens.

          Try staying away from bright or neon greens this can look trashy and dull your beautiful green eyes. Neon colors of any kind can take away the effect of your eyes away leaving a very unnatural artificial look. I suggest using a lot of deep plums and golden browns when enhancing your natural eye color. 

         To finish your look stick with black, brownish black and deep green mascara. Use eyeliners in the shades of  golden dark brown, black, deep plums, dark purple and navy blues.  

Have a look that makes your eyes pop? What are you waiting for share it with me I love trying new looks!