Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dove Hair Therapy Review

So I started using Dove`s Hair therapy Style + Care Frizz Free Shine Cream-Serum about a week ago. On the bottle it says it is to nourish to smooth away frizz and boost shine. ` to provide long lasting style by nourishing and protecting hair to prevent hair issues such as frizz, fly-aways and dry/ split ends that get in the way of a great style` (quote from the bottle)

Now like I said above I have been using this product for a week each day I use about a half dollar size and I smooth it into my hair from mid length to the ends on damp hair like the directions suggest. I have seen a reduction in frizz but do not see a difference in shine. I actually leaves my hair feeling greasy and heavy.
The serum itself is white, creamy and thick. It does leave white particles in my hair and it takes a bit to blend them in or pick them out. I do like the fact that it help tremendously with frizz but I do not think it is worth having greasy looking hair or having to spend about 10-15 minutes picking and smoothing the cream into the hair.
I hope you have found this review helpful.

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