Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mary Kay Creme Eye Shadow Brush Review

I received both products free from influenster for testing purposes.

I received a full size Mary Kay Crème Eye Color in Apricot Twist. Now when I first opened the eye shadow I was a bit ugh disappointed I suppose. I was afraid it would be to light as I do like dramatic bold eyes with lots of color. Although the color is absolutely beautiful with halo graphic sparkles mixed in the color is a very pretty orngish brown. I was afraid I would be disappointed. This was not the fact at all the complete opposite. The color was beautiful when applied! It was not as `bright` as I like my shadows but it was perfect just the same. Most of the time I do not like crème shadows as the clump and go everywhere, they never tend to stay put unless you completely dry them before going to the next step. This was not the case with the apricot twist it applied with such ease not moving or smudging stayed put did not mix with the rest of my eye shadows or run in with my eye line it was just perfect! The color it turn out to be quite amazing and stayed that way for hours and hours. I will use this color more often and do plan on buying more shades of the Mary Kay Crème Eye colors.
This brush is a Crème eye color/concealer brush. I have looked high and low spent hundreds of dollars looking for the right eye shadow brush and I tell ya what I found it! This little gadget is amazing! I used it to apply the Mary Kay Creme eye color in apricot twist and it worked like a charm! even though I used it for the crème eye shadow the color did not stick in the bristles. there was no bristle loss when I applied the eye shadow. The brush it quite stiff yet very moveable and cleaned quite well. Over all I was very pleased and will in fact be buying a few others to have on hand.

Both products can be purchased through your Mary Kay representative or through
The Crème eye shadow in Apricot Twist is bring sold for $14.00 USD and the Crème eye shadow/concealer brush is being sold for $10.00 USD
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