Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Julep Maven Review & Free Box Code

 I just received my June Bombshell Maven box and I can say I am some what pleased. I was originally sent 3 items in my Bombshell box. I had added an extra polish and an eyelash curler.

I received my box free of charge as a promotion. I did how ever have to pay for my two extra items and free shipping. My total cost of this box was $5.89 USD.
As a Julep Maven you receive a box every month with at least $40.00 worth of products $60.00 worth of products with the Maven Luxe box. Boxes range from $19.99 for a 3 month subscription to $24.99 a month pay as you go box and $39.99 for the Maven Luxe box . You can swap items out of your box if you do not like an item. You also get discounted polishes and other products when you become a Maven. You are able to cancel any time by calling customer service if for what ever reason you are not satisfied.

Enough of the bring stuff! Let's see what kind of goodies I received! This month I decided on the Bombshell Maven box as  loved the polish colors!

The first item that came in my box was Julep Freedom Polymer Top coat. This top coat is supposed to be like a gel top coat with out having to use a UV lamp. The box states "Goes on like a polish performs like a gel." It is supposed to stop chipping and able you to use your nail right after applying. I can not wait to use this topcoat. I have been looking for a really god one that I an just put on and go!

The second item that came in my box was Bette nail polish. This is a very pretty deep purple polish. I tried it on my toes and I was very pleased with how the color looked when it dried. Definitely will be using this color for my next mani!

The third and final item that came with my maven welcome box was another very pretty polish called Laree in a cute semi glittery shiny pink! If you know me you know my favorite color is pink. I just can not get enough of the color! Sadly though I was a bit disappointed with the color once the polish dried. It was not shiny at all but more dull and unnoticeable. Don't get me wrong it is a pink and you can see it I only needed one coat but I feel for me personally it is a bit plain and dull.

AS I mentioned before I had added two extra items so my Maven box. The first item was a eyelash curler. At first glance it is a bit confusing. My hands are not very big the are average size, and it is difficult for me to use the curler. I can not grip it correctly to use it the way it should be used. I do feel this particular Julep item  was a waste of my time and money. I will not be attempting to use this item ever. It will most likely sit and collect dust sadly.
My second addition was a beautiful polish named Stella. I am not one that normally likes the color yellow unless it is extremely bright but I have to say I am in love with the color Stella. It goes on smoothly and beautifully. To me it has a very classic yet vintage feel to it. I will definitely enjoy using this color many times over. 
All in all I am pretty much satisfied with my June Maven box. I love the polishes some more than others but I feel I will get more than enough uses our of all three of them. I can not wait to use the top coat I do hope it is as good as it says it is. Are you a Maven? If so what is your favorite polish color?

If you are not a maven yet and are interested now is the time to get your FREE special edition 5 piece Welcome box! With your welcome box you will receive 3 polishes, one lip gloss and one eye glider pencil. Go to the Julep website add your special addition box to your cart. When you are ready to check out put SHIPSHAPE into the PROMO box. You will only be charged for shipping which is usually @$2.99 USD.

DISCLOSURE: I bought this box with my own money. Any and all opinion I Stated above are of my own. They have not been altered in any way shape or form!