Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Day at the Dog Park

  Yesterday we decided to take a family outing to the near by dog park in Dothan Alabama. This place is very pretty and equipped with every thing you need for a family day out! They have recently built two huge dogs parks that are separated by dog size and are fully fenced in. They provide a wading pool, sprinklers, tunnels, a water fountain and toys for your fur babies to enjoy.

  It was Maria's first time in a car and it did not go so well. She wasn't sure what to do with herself. All she did know was there was so much to explore outside of the car and needed to figure a way out! Needless to say she was not successful.

  While Miss. Honey has had many puppy play dates she has never been around that many dogs at one time. At first she was shy sitting upon my lap refusing to move, but once she seen how much fun Maria was having she joined right in! Every one adored her new puppy Mohawk.

While my husband Miguel and my eldest son Hayden went fishing in the pond Skyler and I took the dogs on the 2 mile walking trails.

Maria seriously enjoyed herself. Stopping to smell just about everything she could find. Even though she had just spent two hours playing with other random dogs she could not resist trying to bite her pup sister Miss. Honey!


We all had a lovely day. The weather was perfect, the dogs enjoyed themselves and the big boys enjoyed there day fishing. We were all pretty exhausted from the hours of fun. Maria passed out as soon as we walked in the door.

Even Miss. Honey Could not stay awake after all of the excitement from the day.


Thank you for allowing me to share our day with you. I would love to hear about your adventures with your fur babies. Let me know how you spend your days with them in the comments below.