Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Amazing Things From Born Pretty!

As you all know I am pretty addicted to Born Pretty Store. I have ordered from there more times than I can count! They have great prices on every item in there shop and not to mention FREE shipping on any order, no minimum required.  The site has many categories to shop from but my favorite of them all has to be the Jewelry & Accessory Department.

My last Born Pretty haul only cost me $12.48 and I got a ton of products. From Jewelry to makeup and nail art. It is like Christmas morning when my Born Pretty packages arrive. All of this for a small amount and free shipping. How can you go wrong?

I want to talk to you about my most recent package I received. I am always looking for a new pair of sunglasses. It has almost become a addiction. I have 37 pairs so far. The one I received from Born Pretty are by far my favorite and are the ones I wear the most often.  The detail on the sides are a nice added touch to the frames. They do shield your eyes from the sun unlike most sunglasses.


The Classic Retro Sunglasses are on sale for $2.59

Once I seen these earrings I just knew I had to have them! The detail on the wings are impeccable. They shine and twirl around when you move. They are not too big or too small and are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Even though they are made of alloy the color does not change. They look the same as the day they arrived and I wear them quite often.



These lovely Vintage Wing Earrings are on sale for $1.19

I wear necklaces often as I think it is a fun way to show your personality and your own unique style. I love to wear ones that say funny things or scream "look at me". They can also be a fun conversation starter. This "Love Me" necklace does all of the above! It captures my personality and also catches the eyes of others. The bumpy details on the letters gives it a nice sparkle in the sunlight.


This darling little Love Me necklace is on sale for $3.99
For these three items alone it only cost $7.77 and yes all with free shipping! How can you go wrong with these lovely items for such a small price!
Also if you use the special code  FERT10 - only for Bloggin' With NiNi readers you get an extra 10% off!
You can't beat that!
So go take a look at Born Pretty Store and don't forget to check out their Jewelry & Accessory Department