Thursday, September 11, 2014

NiNi's Makeup Must Haves!

Good morning my pretties! I thought I would share with you a few of my absolutely favorite makeup MUST HAVES! These are items I used daily and just could not live with out!

I am a big sucker for Matte eye shadow! I feel it looks better on me than opposed to  shimmer or glitter eye shadow. The Emori eye shadow is very pigmented, bright and vibrant. You get 30 colors for $8.98 (includes shipping price) which is a fantastic deal!

Any must have for a makeup addict is a good Makeup Blender. I like using the tear drop shape as it helps to get in the small areas of your eyes. It is perfect for blending your foundation or blending when highlighting and contouring. Right now they are on sale for $1.19 with free shipping! You can not beat that!

I love to highlight and contour for just about any occasion. The Hard Candy Glow Away duo helps tremendously! I don't have to go back and fourth from this product to that product. Its all in one spot and the double sided stick makes for easy application. You can pick up this for $5.29
 with  free shipping!  
This bottle of DHC Velvet Skin Makeup Primer is quite a miracle! I leaves my skin silky smooth. It is perfect to place on before your foundation. It fills in lines and wrinkles with a powdery gel that keeps oil at bay so your makeup will look flawless and stay put all day long. I absolutely love this product. It is a bit on the higher end at $19.99 for a  .52oz tube.
The Undercover Agent Duo by Hard Candy is simply handy and works wonderfully! It has a eye brightener inside the tube and on the end it has a concealer. The eye brightener takes away eye puffiness and under eye circles. The concealer seriously conceals all of my problem areas. You can pick this up for $5.78 with free shipping.

I have searched high and low for so many years to find that perfect mascara that not only enhances my eye lashes but also extends them. I see so many people using all of these serums or spending a ton of money on fiber lash mascara. Not this girl! I had the chance to try Mary Kay's Lash Love Mascara in I <3 black. I can not tell you enough how amazing this stuff is!
It lasts for DAYS and is waterproof. It extends my lashes and enhances them like no other product I have ever used. I swear by this stuff and use it daily and the best thing about this product you ask? I never ever clumps! It is by far the best mascara out there! You can pick it up for $15.00

I am always trying new brushes to find that perfect one, most of the time with no luck.  These two brushes have worked wonders for me and have many uses. The Mary Kay Cream eye color/concealer brush is a nifty little guy! I use it many for placing eye shadow in the creases of my eyes. it is also perfect for placing concealer in the corners of your eyes. You can pick this up for $10.00
The next brush is from Essence of Beauty and is their Smokey-Angle Brush that comes with a set of 4 brushes and a case to hold them in. I love the Smokey-angle brush for blending in my eye shadows and getting the outer corners of my eyes. You can pick up the 5 piece set for $17.98 (includes shipping price).

Last but certainly not least is Mary Kay's Translucent Loose Powder. This powder is just amazing! You can put this on over your primer and under your foundation to prevent oil, sweat and makeup smudging. I personally use it over my makeup as a setting powder and a silky smooth finish. I tend to use a lot of cream makeup when highlighting and contouring. It takes a bit for the products to dry so I take my all over face brush and swipe some of this on over it and I'm done. No waiting and no worrying about anything smudging or wiping off. You can pick this up for $16.00

Well there you have it! Those are all of my Makeup Must Haves I just can not live with out!
Have you tried any of these products? Hate them? Love them? What are your Makeup Must Haves? Share your thoughts with me below! I always love hearing your opinions!