Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Favorite Love Story

  My Favorite Love Story is a awesome shop on Etsy. The owner Jamie makes the beautiful leather strap bracelets. These are becoming more and more popular and I believe she does a tremendous job on bringing out the charms beauty by carefully selecting the best color to go along with it.

  Jamie sent me three of her handmade leather strap bracelets for me to test, try and review. I have to say these are of the best quality. I have bought many of these bracelets from many companies but they could not withstand my day to day tasks. Most of them frayed or just plain broke! Very disappointing. 

 The three I received from the My Favorite Love Story shop I wear constantly. They never leave my wrist. All of them still look brand new and unworn. None of them have frayed or lost their coloring. My Favorite has to be the owl bracelet. Very simple yet very pretty! I love the blue straps she decided to use. The clasps are the best feature of her bracelets. You do not have to fight with the claw clasp as she uses a eyelet clasp making it easy to put them on with one hand!

  You are able to customize any bracelet in her shop. Which is always a plus. Who doesn't like getting exactly what they want? Her prices range from $4.00USD to $17.00USD for a mother and daughter friendship bracelet set.

  Be sure to check out the photos below of her amazing work! When your done hop on over to her shop and check out all she has to offer. These would make lovely Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!