Friday, December 26, 2014

Cooker Maid Silicone Gloves

I have tried quite a few silicone cooking gloves for them to only burn my hands through the gloves. The Cooker Maid Gloves are amazing! They resist the heat like no other gloves on the market! The gloves feature a non slip 5 Finger Design, Heat Resistant for Temperatures up to 450 Degree Fahrenheit (230°C), 100% Waterproof and Food Safe Silicone, Easy to Clean with Soapy Water & Dishwasher Safe, Exceptionally Flexible 'One-Size-Fits-Most' Design.

The gloves fit me fine even though I have small hands. They fit my husband great even though he has bigger hands, Even my kids love using them when they are helping in the kitchen! The non slip feature is great and cute! in the shape of little hearts! Check out the Cooker Mai Silicone Gloves HERE. On sale for $18.87.