Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MeasuPro IRT20 Temperature Gun

The MeasuPro handheld infrared thermometer takes accurate readings using advanced laser technology to aim in various places with no direct contact necessary. Using this thermometer gives you the ability to measure moving targets or very hot surfaces. This is great for cooking and baking!

Three buttons on the screen are displayed for easy selection. You can choose the mode as Celsius or Fahrenheit. The LCD display features a bright backlight which can be set to on or off. The red laser pointer can also be deactivated according to your preferences.

To get a temperature reading, press the trigger and then release so the temperature will display on the screen and automatically hold the reading for seven seconds. You can locate a hotspot using this thermometer by moving it up and down randomly until the hotspot is located.

This product is FDA and FCC approved and RoHS compliant. It measures a range of -50 to 380°C (-58 to 716°F). The response time of 500ms guarantees an immediate reading. The no-sweat rubber oil finish makes it comfortable while using. It also features a low battery indicator.

 MeasuPro handheld infrared thermometer one 9V battery and has an automatic off function. The distance to spot ratio is 12 to 1. It is small and very simple to operate. Engineered to high precision standards to provide accurate temperature readings.

DISCLOSURE: Please note I received this item for testing purposes only. Some quotes and the photos were taken from the companies website.