Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Gift Guide - Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

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Every year when Valentine's day rolls around my husband gets that "uh oh what do I get you look" on his face. Well this yea I am going to ask for Younique 3D Fiber Lashes! I am sure you have seen them all over the place. At first I was skeptical. How is there a product that can make my lashes look full and longer with out chemicals or something more drastic.  With out further a due let me explain why this product has been placed in our 2015 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

When I first received my 3D lashes from Lauren Cheely I was a bit scared LOL. The package came in a nice hard covered travel case and inside were two tubes, one named "Transplanting Gel" and the other "3D Fibers" So the words "transplanting gel" scared the hell out of me! When looking into it further I found out its just a simple mascara. The fibers on the other hand are black and fluffy! (As my niece calls them "poufy puff fibers")

So the instructions state you are to (optional) put on a thin layer of your favorite mascara (I decided to skip this step.) Put on a coat of the transplanting gel, before this dries apply the fibers to your lashes. Once you have done so put on yet another coat on transplanting gel to lock the fibers in place. If not you will have poufy puff fibers all over your petty little face. Repeat as needed to get your desired look.

In the pictures below I have use three coats of transplanting gel and two coats of fibers. All in all I am extremely pleased with the Younique 3D fiber lashes. I cannot get enough! I love how they make my lashes pop off my face, it seriously completes any look. And have I mentioned how long they last? I usually apply in the morning after  have put my "pretty" face on and it stays fresh looking until I use my makeup remover wipes. Now last nigh I fell asleep with out removing my 3D fiber lashes and yep you guessed it, they still look the same as when I first applied them!

So if you are wondering what to get your significant other I seriously suggest getting her (or him) a set of Younique 3D fiber lashes! Where can you get them from you ask? look no further! Talk to the lovely Lauren! She will be more than happy to help you with your purchase! You can email her at laurencheelyy@gmail.com or message her on her Facebook fan page follow her Instagram or order directly from her store!




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