Tuesday, May 5, 2015

10 Simple ways to reduce eye puffiness

Ever wake up and look in the mirror and your eyes are puffy?

Well here are 10 simple ways to reduce the puffiness from around your eyes and look your best!

1. Stay away from irritants. Such as fragranced products, rubbing alcohol and chlorine.
2. Talk to your doctor it may be that you have allergies and he/she can help you find the right medications to help with the symptoms.
3. Use moisturizer every morning. Try to use ones with antioxidants.
4. Never sleep in your make up. Always clean your face before you go to sleep. Make up can irritate your eyes and face causing puffiness and redness.
5.Sleep with your head slightly elevated this will reduce the amount of fluid that reaches your face and eyes.
6. Use eye drops to keep your eyes moistened.
7. Reduce your salt intake
8. Reduce your alcohol intake
9.Keep your fingers away from your eyes when rubbing them or touching them repeatedly will cause irritation in which causes redness and puffiness.
10. Always use a sun protectant on the outer perimeter of your eyes.