Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tricks to enhancing your beautiful Brown eyes

Hello there Brown eyes! Most see brown eyes as dull and unnoticeable I disagree!. Using the correct corresponding colors will enhance your "dull" brown eyes and make them noticeable to the world! Ready to get started?

     There are 6 main colors you can use to get the perfect brown eyes look, Browns, Gold, Deep Blues, Dark Grays, pinks and Black. All though it is said that brown eyed beauties can wear just about any shadow colors I find these the most helpful. I would suggest staying away from purples and greens and these two colors can clash your eye color.

      I find deep dark but bright blues look the best when enhancing your beautiful brown eyes. I do how ever also like light shades of pinks with a dark smoky eyed effect. I find the light pinks and the dark blacks at the outer eye tends to cross effect themselves leaving the browns of your eye to pop and shine out.

      Try Sticking with black or brown mascara. You can how ever use black, brown, green or blue eye liner to finish off your look and lining them with a pop of added color.

Have a look that makes your eyes pop? Share it with me I would love to see!