Friday, May 29, 2015

Stop that Makeup Brush Mess!

If you are anything like me you have a ton of makeup brushes just sitting in a cup or spread all over your vanity making a huge mess! Yes you can go and buy a acrylic makeup organizer or you can go on over to the Beauty and Beatitudes shop and order yourself one of their Cushion Makeup Brush Holders.

 From small to large, fat to skinny, rounded and squared the Cushion Makeup Brush Holder allows you to hang 8 makeup brushes of most sizes. The best part for me is the fact that I am able to not only clean up my clutter but also hang my brushes upside down after cleaning them.

The front of the holder displays a black smooth finish with a solid straight gold stripe along with 9 cushion pins to allow you to hang your brushes. The cushions are soft yet hard enough to hold and mold to your brushes.

The back of the holder also has a smooth black finish, 9 black screws and 2 claw teeth pins to hang on the wall. The holder in itself is very sturdy and made of quality items. No dings, scuffs or scratches.

Beauty and Beatitudes also offers a peg makeup brush holder! They offer 3 color choices plus you are able to customize it in any color you like. Torey the creator behind these amazing brush holders also has her own blog, you can check that out HERE. You can see her Bio HERE. Do not forget to check out her amazing collection of pictures on INSTAGRAM and of course do not forget to look at her SHOP and pick up one of these nifty brush holders for only $19!

What are your thoughts on this holder? Will it come in handy? Do you have questions about it? Do you already own one? Let me know your thoughts below <3