Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Who Doesn't Love Flip Flops??

As most of you know by now I would walk bare foot every where if I could. I do not like that my feet feel constricted in heels or sneakers so I often turn to Flip Flops! When I seen a pair of ShowaFlops I just knew I had to feature their company on my blog!

What makes ShowaFlops stand out from the rest is they literally protect your feet while in the shower, at a community pool, at a water park and yes even in the shower! What is super cool about these flip flops are the unique drainage holes located on the bottom of every sandal. The pair I had received had cute Hearts cut out of them. The Antimicrobial layers help to protect your lovely feet from fungus and bacteria! And have I mentioned you can even wear them as a every day accessory? Yep they can be worn inside, out side and every where your feet go!

ShowaFlops provides an array of choices when choosing the perfect pair! They have styles in Men's Women's and children's. They range in sizes from Women's 5-10 Men's 5-12 and children's 13-5. Prices range from $14.59 - $35.99 depending on the style and size. With the styles and sizes the possibilities are endless, you could pick up a flip flop for every day of the week!

One thing that makes ShowaFlops stand out to me is how they give back to their community. The  ShowaFlops company invests in helping children with cancer by donating their flops to Camp Good Days!
Any company that gives back to their communities or a cause such as this one is good in my book!

So head on over to ShowaFlops Website or their Amazon page and check out the many exciting styles they have to offer!

Do you own a pair of Showaflops? If so what is the most exciting feature for you? If not head on over to their website and let me know your favorite style!

Disclosure: I (Jennifer) was sent this item for review purposes only. With that said all opinions mentioned about are of my own.