Saturday, March 26, 2016

Zample box amazingness!!

As a vaper I constantly want to try the newest line of  American Made e-juices that are on the market. There is just so many I never know where to start! 
With zampleBox its simple and easy. 

When first signing up you choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced vaper. 
Then you go through an array of flavors and types of liquid you enjoy and 
let them know what to stay away from. 
You also let them know the nicotine MG you prefer. 
They have 3 different box choices to choose from. 

With the silver Box you get 3 bottles of e-juice sent to your door every month for $19.99. 
That equals to 40% off retail.
 Each silver member box has a rough estimated retail value of $30.
Saving you roughly $120 a year!

If you order the Gold box you will receive 6 bottles monthly.
 Costing only $24.99 saving you 60% off of retail prices.
Each Gold member box has a rough estimated total value of about $70.
Saving you roughly $420 a year!

With a platinum membership you will receive 11 bottles of hand picked e-juice. 
Costing $44.99 and saving 65% off of retail. 
Each Platinum member box has a rough estimated total value of about $130.
Saving you roughly $780 a year!

Each bottle ZampleBox sends to you is hand selected just for you.  
Every box sent has a tasting menu to let you know what e-juice was sent, 
the company names of each e-juice and the flavor.

ZampleBox offers international shipping, 
American made e-juices and don't forget you are able to cancel at any time!

So if you are like me and want to try every American made e-juice you possibly can I say head on over to ZampleBox and order your first box today!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. For every 3 signups I will receive a free ZampleBox