Sunday, June 15, 2014

Say good bye to NERF & Hello to BOOMco.

  Recently I as sent the BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster and the BOOMco. Twisted Spinner Blaster from Mattel through BzzAgent free of charge for testing purposes. I have to say my 12 and 13 year old boys absolutely loved both the Rapid Madness Blaster and the Twisted Spinner.

  The Rapid Madness Blaster is values at $49.97USD at Walmart.  It comes with a clip that holds 20 darts. It is jam proof which is always nice as most of the NERF guns jam then break with in a week. The nice thing about the darts is they are made out of plastic and not foam. They also only stick to the gun shields and the target which makes for an easy clean up. Plus no more darts sticking to the TV or mirrors around the house! This is a "pump" gun that uses air to shoot that darts. It does take some force to pump the gun after about 8 pumps and only takes seconds for the darts to fly up to 50 feet away! All in all we are very pleased with the BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster!

The BOOMco. Twisted Spinner Blaster Values at $24.99USD at Target. Now this one is about half the size of the Rapid Madness Blaster but is just as good. The Twisted Spinner Blaster shoots 8 darts in about 5 seconds and the darts go as far as 70ft! The only negative thing I can think of with the Twisted Spinner Blaster is it makes a lot of noise! It is quite load. I would recommend this one for outside play only or buy a pair of ear plugs.

Needless to say the entire family is now a loyal fan of Mattel BOOMco dart guns! If you have a BOOMco gun please let me know what your thoughts are about them. What do you like or hate about them. I always love to hear what you all think.