Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where to get FREE stuff

Who does not like getting free stuff in their mailbox?? No one that`s who!

I am constantly opening my mailbox and receiving free stuff all of the time, and not your normal samples I get full sized items at values that have reached over $200 USD and I am going to explain how you can as well. Now so that it is clear you will have to do a bot of work for your free items but it is completely worth it.

The first site I want to share with you is influenster. Most people have heard of it and yes you have to spend some time on the site earning your way to free items. I have gotten many `voxboxes` my last box was from Mary Kay with a total value of $144.00 USD. All for free for me to test out and share my opinion.
When I first signed up for influenster it took me about a month to receive my first box. you will need to choose specific `badges` pertaining to your life style and fill out short surveys and do a few product reviews. The more you do on the site the higher your chances are to receiving these amazing voxboxes.

The second site I would like to share with you is House Party. Now this site it pretty awesome. This site will send you just about every thing you need to throw an awesome house party! They have just about every party you can think of, food parties, Vacuum parties, beauty parties, kids parties, pamper diaper parties, the list goes on and on. Their site is quite simple you sign up and find the party you would like to host and apply for it by answering a few questions. Then you have the option to `stand out` from other appliers by posting pictures and telling the company why you would like to host their party. After you have been approved you throw your party post more pictures of your awesome get together and fill out a survey of the product you just tested. Yep that simple and you get to keep everything they sent you!

Another one of my favorite sites is bzzagent. This site is quite simple but takes a bit more time. You do spend a bit of time filling out surveys but the plus side is most of them are only 5 questions long. When you first sign up they send you a welcome package that includes a magnet and some papers explaining the program. you connect your facebook and twitter account and start sharing! By filling out the surveys you are telling them what products you would be interested in. I have received everything from Dr. Scholl`s for high heels, special K snacks, to acne treatments and everything in between. What is also nice about this site is they give you a stack of coupons to share with friends and family where they can save on that product they sent you. I have also received a few extra samples of products to share with others. When you are finished testing your product you simply post on facebook twitter or your blog and do a short survey. Yep that easy!

Another site is my swaggable. Now this site is fairly simple and does not take up a lot of time. They send you things from baby wipes to lotions to make up! Its so simple you sign up confirm your email and get started. All you do it look through the products they have to offer (which is always changing) and mark it with a `I want it` the more you `want` the more they suggest. Once they have products they would like to send you. you simply accept them fill out your address and your ready to go your items will be in the mail shortly. After you receive your items and test them out you simply go back to the site and fill out a review.

Below I have posted the links to each site. These are just a couple to get you started. Hope you have fun and enjoy your free stuff! If you have any questions concerning any of these sites. please feel free to ask I would be more than happy to help!