Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's Talk About Born Pretty Store!

   I have mentioned the Born Pretty Store many of times on my blog. I absolutely love their items! They have tons and I mean ton of items to choose from but today we are going to talk about their Jewelry & Accessory  department. They have hundreds of items to choose from and most start at just 0.99 Cents. They also give you an extra discount on most item when you order three or more of the same item.

   All of the items have free shipping you can pay $3.00 extra for tracking. It does take about 4-6 weeks for delivery but is totally worth it! I was very pleased with each and every item I was sent. I was sent three items free for review purposes and had bought the rest. My items were shipped they same day and ended up getting them two weeks after I ordered. Which is normal delivery for most online shipping stores.

The first item that was sent to me was a beautiful pair of Owl Earrings I chose the color Blue and they retail at $2.40USD.  I think these earrings are so cute! I would like to collect them in every color available! They do not feel heavy in any way. The sit nicely on your ears and are not irritable.

The next two items I was sent was a matching Owl Ring also in blue and retails for $0.99USD and a matching Leather Strap Owl Bracelet that retails for $2.99USD. The ring is adjustable an has not tuned my finger green and I tend to wear it often. The bracelet fits comfortably and looks stunning! They have many leather strap bracelets that I plan on getting!

I had bought five other items from their Jewelry & Accessory  department that
 I am going to share with you!
First up is a pair of lovely Yellow Rose Earrings in which I adore! They retail for $2.36USD.
They are simply adorable, not to heavy and would be perfect for Church or Easter! The look
stunning on Miss. Molly!

The next item is my favorite! It is a sparkly Hello Kitty necklace. In which I can not find the link to
so the retail value is unknown at this time.
I am a huge I mean a huge Hello Kitty fan! So when I seen it I knew it was going to be mine!
It is light weight and fits nice and most of all looks great!
The next item up is a beautiful black & white polka dotted Bow on a alligator clip. It retails for $1.99USD.
This bow is so cute! I wear it all the time and it goes lovely with my hair style! I love
how it is not over the to but still looks cute and goes with just about anything!

The final two items I bought were two rings. One was a infinity ring and retails for
$0.99 USD. The second was a Elastic Jeweled ring. This ring also retails for $0.99 USD.
Both rings are fun and cute. Very stylish an super fun to wear!

All in all I am super pleased with the Born Pretty Store and especially the Jewelry & Accessory
department. It is definitely my "go to" online store!

Remember they are having a 20% - 80% off sale until August 10th.
Be sure to use code FERT10 in the promo code box when checking out for a 10% off discount!
DISCLOSURE: Some of the above mentioned items I received for free for reviewing purposes. Please note any and all of the above opinions are of my own and have not ben altered in any way, shape or form!