Friday, August 1, 2014

Nibblr Box Review + FREE box code!

Let's talk about  Nibblr! I was actually quite surprised by this box! They packaged it so beautifully. I loved the little design. It was fun and quirky.

How it works ~ Go to the Nibblr website and sign up. Choose your payment method then tell them what you like and what you don't like. Wait for your box and enjoy!

Each box is $5.99 USD. They do have other payment options if you order a 4 month subscription you will spend $5.75 USD per box. They also have a 12 month subscription for $5.50 USD per month. I also have a code for you to get a FREE box of your own!

Let's get on to the goodies! In the box sent to me I found a cute Nibblr Tee Shirt.
The Tee shirt as just my size and fits perfectly! I love the light blue logo and how there is not a ton of advertising done on the shirt. It is very soft and comfy and is perfect in every way!

I was also sent four snacks in air tight clear trays. Each tray had the name of the snack along with what category it belonged to and nutritional information.


The first Tray of snacks sent to me was from the fruit category. It was called A, B, C 's.  I has dried apples, cranberries and blueberries. It was by far my son's favorite! The apples were chewy but not over excessively chewy. The cranberries were amazing! They were not sour or tart, they picked them at the right time! And the blueberries were a perfect touch!


Next up was OH MY THAI! It features Thai curry Cashews, Raisins and toasted coconuts. It comes from the Fruit and nut category.
I normally stay away from curry as sometimes it can be over powering. Not in OH MY THAI! It has just the right amount of curry and tastes delectable! I loved the cashews, the raisins were just the right amount of sweetness and the toasted coconut brought the entire mix together!


Next up is TIRAMISU and by far my favorite! I have a horrible sweet tooth and this hit the spot! This tasty snack includes Chocolate cookies, Coffee toffee brittle, Shortbread cookies and Slivered almonds and comes from the Feel Good Sweets category.

I was amazed by the taste. I was worried it would be too sweet with all of the ingredients but that was far from the truth! The chocolate cookies had just enough sweetness. The Coffee Toffee is perfect! It wasn't to sweet or hard. They perfected it to perfection! The shortbread cookies were not very sweet but had a great flavor to them and the almond slivers brought the perfect taste to counter the sweetness to the right level.


For the last snack tray I was given SASSY CHICKS which are from the Delectable Veggies category.
Sassy chicks are Chile Lime Chickpeas.  So normally I stay as far away as I can from chickpeas LOL but not this time! They are crunchy and delicious! I do feel they need just a tad bit of salt but other than that I would definitely eat them again.


All in all I am very happy and please with the Nibblr box! I am definitely a loyal customer from here on out!  I have taken a few more pictures to show you how they present their goodies. You will find your FREE box code after viewing them.


Your FREE BOX code is BLOGGINWITHNINI Please enter this code into the PROMO code section when checking out & enjoy your Nibblr Box on the house!

DISCLOSURE: I did receive the items mentioned above for free for review purposes. Any and All of the opinions mentioned above are of my own and have not been altered in any way, shape or form