Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mia Adora

When I was first asked to test out this product I figured it would be like all other fiber lash mascara on the market. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Mia Adora is like no other fiber lash mascara I have ever tried. It is made of natural ingredients, free of Parabens and SLS, Eco friendly packaging and most of all it is not tested on animals. The ingredients which include natural Beeswax, Carnuba wax and Green tea all help to condition and nourish your lashes.
 I have long thin lashes. I have to have some sort of mascara on my lashes in order for you to notice them. With "normal" mascara my eyes can get very irritated. I noticed with the Mia Adora 3D lashes my eyes feel "normal" or "naked". Mia Adora does in fact make my lashes look amazing! I see a dramatic change every time I use it.

The steps are simple. You can optionally start with one coat of your daily mascara. I chose not to. You then put on a coat f the Mia Adora Magnifying Gel. While that is still wet you apply the fibers then seal it all in with another coat of the Magnifying Gel. You can repeat steps two and three until you have your desired look.

I also really like the packaging. It is a soft yet hard recyclable cardboard with a magnet in the flap. On the inside you will find a silk "bed" where the magnifying gel and fibers sit. It is small enough to fit in a small clutch and take with you (even though you wont need too).

I have applied the fiber lashes in the morning typically after the kids have left for school and they do last until I wash my face before heading to bed. I have not had them flake or "fall off". They stay perfect through out the day. Even in the rain they do not smudge or run! Over all they are a great product for ever day use and to use on special occasions!

Below I have posted detailed pictures of my lashes before and after. Feel free to check out the product and reviews for Mia Adora HERE. Right now they are on sale for $29.95 that is $20.05 in savings! Be sure to tell me your thoughts below in the comment section!