Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Choose Virtues

Teaching our young children the main virtues of life is vital to a better tomorrow. As a mother, a Aunt and a Sunday school teacher, I know the importance of showing our young children which path to take. At We Choose Virtues they provide parents and teachers alike with the specific tools and programs to further their children's education in many ways.

Their 12 Virtues flash card pack is safe to use in public schools along in private and religious ones. I personally use my flash cards in my Sunday school class room. I Like the fact that each card is in full vibrant colors which helps to catch the eye of young children and keep them interested. Anther nice feature is the on the back of each card. They basically break it into sections for you, making it easier to teach each card and it's importance.

On the Back of each card you will find 5 sections. The first section is the "Teaching Tip" section. Here you will find a few suggestive sentences you may use when explaining the meaning of the card to your class room or children. The next section will be "Virtue User Challenge" Here you will find a suggestion as to what you should do that day. For example on the "Content" card your challenge would be to go through the entire day without saying "I am bored"  or "I want". You will also find a "You will Need" section, "What to say after "I'm Sorry" and a "Fun demonstration" section.

All in all these cards are great! It is a fun ay to get each and every child in your life leaning more on self control and how to become a better person for a better tomorrow. After all our young children are the future of tomorrow and if we do not teach them right from wrong who will?

I was able to give a set of these away to one of my lucky fans on my facebook fan page congrats to Sheila Brodbeck.

To find these amazing cards and other helpful tools check out the We Choose Virtues Website.

DISCLOSURE: I have received the above product for testing purposes from the above named company. I have not received compensation for this post. With that said any and all opinions mentioned above are of my own and have not been altered in any way, shape or form.